Sunday, March 15, 2009

keep on Dancin!

Dont give up hope, kids... the party is still ON.

okay, so, theres not actually a real party, that was an admittedly weak metaphor.

I just wanted to post an update to inform everyone (as if there is an "everyone" to inform) that new updates and new art is coming soon. i've been busy lately and havent really had time to finish anything yet... BUT hopefully i'll have new art to share this week.

though, in non-drawing related news, i've been thinking about my storylines alot lately...i've always had a problem writing a story and then sticking to it. I have my scripts and i have my sketches and i have my visions of what to accomplish. but now i'm worried that things are boredering on lame internet fanboy kind of stories.

like, there are sooo many people out there who create their own characters. but very few of them actually make anything of themselves. granted, alot of the art i've seen by these types of people isnt very good, and therefore, never gets published...but, even though i can draw well, what really spearates me from these people?

thats been the weekly question.

because, lets face facts. yes..i have talent (thats not arrogance by the way) however, i lack alot of motivation. i'm easily destracted and i get bored very easily. i'm the type of person that has an idea, starts working on it, then walks away with every intention of finishing but never does as such.

fluph has been one of those projects for a while. i start working on parts of it...then get bored, then think of a whole new way to go with it and the cycle begins again.

i'm feeling bad for not having something new to show right now because this blog was created to HOPEFULLY teach me motivation. i want it to be the reason i keep producing new art never know..after long enough, i'll be able to number one: learn to finish what i start; number tow: get fast at it so i can finish things well before i have time to get bored of them; and finally: get through all the crappy ideas and narrow things down into something that i am extremely proud of that also happens to be likeable and sell-able.

anyway. sorry if this entry is a gramatical nightmare, i've just been thinking alot and needed to put something down in words.



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