Tuesday, July 7, 2009


When all of the world's superheroes are mysteriously MIA...you can always call these guys...Though, i wouldnt necessarily recommend them.

SO it seems as though i start every post with "I know its been a while blahblahblah" AND THIS will be no different.

I've been busy, 'nuff said.

for the past week i've been watching X-men..The movies, the old cartoon from the 90's..all that. And decided that FLUPH needed to have x-men uniforms. Just in case, on the off chance that no other mutants were available and Xavier reeeally needed somebody to do something.

i mean, they're not superheroes, hell, they're not really much of anything..But if they had to be super-heroes, here's what they'd look like.

enough about words, Have some more pictures:

Tempest, Zaus, Pumonika Close-up

Joseph Hyde and Mister Pants as THE X-TINCTIONATOR
It was fun to play imaginary dress up again.