Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sloppy Hindu?

I honestly dont have a title for this one. i've been calling it "Sloppy Hindu" because its for this month's "Sloppy Seconds" party in Atlanta.

the final draft has a few changes. but i like the original better.

hope you do too!


this is a comp of the edited versions of the illustration with the final flyer design:


Monday, April 19, 2010

Dont be jealous of the backseat.

Dax's "Dont be Jealous of my Boogie" (REEEEMIX) from Daxclamation on Vimeo.

So truth be told, lately my illustrative endeavors have taken a back seat.

Aside from drawing pictures for money, i have put my collection of wigs and high heeled shoes to work for me and have been focusing more on my "drag career". i've always been a performer. i've always been the first one to volunteer to be on a stage and under spotlights. though, only recently have i begun to focus on it.

in addition to events and parties that i must attend, i've been trying desperately to get onto "Rupaul's Drag Race"...i tried last season and failed, but that didnt sway me from applying again this go-round.

The above video is my "performance" sumbission, set to Rupaul's "jealous of my boogie". We shot it this past weekend in Little Five Points in Atlanta Ga.

i finished editing the footage last night and NOW its available for viewing!

I'm very proud of the video because its really the first time i've ever made a music video and the first time i've successfully edited video footage.

I made a brief clip of outtakes from filming:

So thats reeeeally what i've been up to!