Friday, February 27, 2009

Imaginary Boys Like Me.

Meet Avery, you'll be seeing alot of him.

and yes, i'm aware that i just finished my "Oh EM Gee mah first post!" post and am now adding one more.

WELL, i just finished this drawing tonite and wanted to share it but it's certianly not suitable for the "Oh EM Gee Mah first post!" picture post.

anyway...more about Avery later.


Hang on...this wont take much longer.

So, this is really just a warm up. This blog will be the place for me to share all artwork and ideas that will be put together in some haphazard way to form what is meant to be my FIRST of (hopefully) many graphic novels.

and yes that was probably one of the longest run-on sentances i've ever written.

Fluph--think lazy x-men meets josie and the pussycats meets archie in a wacky clusterfuck of teen angst and wasted potential.

The series will ask the question thats been plauging me for years now...

"what happens when the cool kids are forced to grow up?"

At any rate, i hope you'll stay tuned and cheer me on as i make a valiant effort to push myself out of an artistic slump and get down to business.

thank you.