Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Gaga 2

Featuring a vector recreation of a John Paul Gaultier knock off of a Theirry Mugler design!

After her interview on Oprah today (yes...i watched Oprah, but i swear its not a regular thing!) i decided to finish this.

it took a while because, well, i get tired of working in vector and when that happens, by brain shuts down and i can no longer think in that very specific way illustrator requires one to think in.

and also i didnt really know how i wanted to finish it off...

anyway! here's the final result.

i'm pretty happy with it.

More to come!


Special Edition VMA Little Gaga!

Now with sequin slouchy boots, an extra blood squibb, a cheesey award show photograph AND her very own moon man!

Get yours today!

while supplies last.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So,in cleaning up my hard-drive in preparation for my upcoming move, i came across a book that i made for an indesign class a while ago...

i know i've posted some of the final illustrations here, but i then realized that i hadnt actually posted the book. SO here goes.

What follows is a choppy overly edited tale of self realization and symbolism. done in an attempt to understand Tempest a little better and shed some light on his relationship with Reginald Q. Manticore.

read it if you like...hope you enjoy it to some extent.

Now, i present to you, Advice From The Manticore

And just a reminder, All artwork, Design, words, story, IMAGINATION SUPER me, DAX!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Comp Card!

Nothing really to report; on a whim, i just compiled my previous three Zero Gravity Boy pin-ups. it really motivates me to keep going with more. seeing them all lined up together shows me that they work as a series and even though i'm not IN LOVE with them individually (because i'm over critical) i do like the way they look together.

my desktop is sooo colorful right now.

anyway. more coming soon.

i might even post my sketches soon.