Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who's yer Pony?

This just had to be done.

i have out-gayed myself.

SO i was noodling around in illustrator the other night and started vectorizing a shot from the now internet-infamous unicorn shoot by Exterface featuring model/designer/and bloggerist David Mason of SlickItUp.

the next sukeban is "pony" themed and i'm planning on using this drawing a part of the flyer. but i'm pretty proud of it as is so i was excited to share.


Sunday, June 6, 2010


and the final:

I dont feel like talking, i mean, its a drawing that became a poster--pretty self explanatory.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Branching out is hard to do...

SO, originally, when i began this blog it was meant to be "all fulph all the time" and to document the progression of the graphic novel from its inception to completion.

however as time goes on, priorities shift and interests evolves.

truth be told, i havent drawn or written anything fluph related since i returned to atlanta. i've been focusing on my other endeavors--my drag career...freelance design...modeling. Basically i've done EVERYTHING except work on the graphic novel.

its not that i'm giving up on being a comic book artist. i still want it, but my current fascinations are not set on that path at the moment.

that being said, i'm going to end this post with a couple of flyers i've whipped up for events that i've done or am doing at later dates.


This Month's Bedlam:

Next Month's Bedlam:


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sloppy Hindu?

I honestly dont have a title for this one. i've been calling it "Sloppy Hindu" because its for this month's "Sloppy Seconds" party in Atlanta.

the final draft has a few changes. but i like the original better.

hope you do too!


this is a comp of the edited versions of the illustration with the final flyer design:


Monday, April 19, 2010

Dont be jealous of the backseat.

Dax's "Dont be Jealous of my Boogie" (REEEEMIX) from Daxclamation on Vimeo.

So truth be told, lately my illustrative endeavors have taken a back seat.

Aside from drawing pictures for money, i have put my collection of wigs and high heeled shoes to work for me and have been focusing more on my "drag career". i've always been a performer. i've always been the first one to volunteer to be on a stage and under spotlights. though, only recently have i begun to focus on it.

in addition to events and parties that i must attend, i've been trying desperately to get onto "Rupaul's Drag Race"...i tried last season and failed, but that didnt sway me from applying again this go-round.

The above video is my "performance" sumbission, set to Rupaul's "jealous of my boogie". We shot it this past weekend in Little Five Points in Atlanta Ga.

i finished editing the footage last night and NOW its available for viewing!

I'm very proud of the video because its really the first time i've ever made a music video and the first time i've successfully edited video footage.

I made a brief clip of outtakes from filming:

So thats reeeeally what i've been up to!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Red Dawn of the Dead!

Sloppy Seconds: Red Dawn of the Dead

Illustration by ME!

Design by Caleb Gauge.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pussy Violence 2...AGAIN!

This is the final cover for DJ Tamara Sky's Mixtape, entitled "Pussy Violence 2: Lip Service"

I just got this version back from my friend Caleb, who is a graphic designer and always manages to RE-RE-RE-imagine my art in pretty amazing ways.

needless to say, i'm very happy with the results.

if you want a copy of the first "Pussy Violence" you can go to:


Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Flier by me.

my calendar is filling up slowly but surely.

if i'm lucky this whole technical "unemployment" thing wont be so bad after all...

e'rry day ah'm, hustlin.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Up in the downtime.


For the first time in a while, i didnt have someone else's project to work on.

so today, i felt like inking.

and then i finished this:

Little Gaga # 3: X-Factor, wearing Gareth Pugh.

which i had started a while ago and just never finished until tonite.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Undead Makeout Party

The above image is the last edit i submitted to my client for this current job. She hasnt approved it yet, but i like this draft ALOT so i reeeeally hope she does too.

anyway, while i'm waiting to recieve the final verdict, i figured i'd post the progression of this piece:

This was the first draft that i liked alot...but i still felt it wasnt finished:

This is just a comp of some of the other edits i went through:

anyway, i'll DEFINITELY be posting the final piece when i get approval.

stay tuned.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zero Gravity Valentine.

Happy valentin's day.

i know its late, but its the thought that counts, right?


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The end of the war...

And the end result was worth the process after all.

in "art" i get really used to working completely alone. Doing illustration, coloring, text and layout all by myself can get pretty overwhelming. its very nice to have a chance to focus on one thing and trust someone else to do the rest.

i'm definitely happy with the end result of the flier and look forward to being drunk at the party!

I just woke up after a 24 hour coma and am now ready to get onto other things.



Monday, February 8, 2010



its all done!

My client likes the final result, which became an amalgamation of the FIRST and SECOND illustrations, only switched and chopped and re-worked a bit.

honestly, its not my best work, but i'm happy with it. i hope he is too, i really cant wait to see the final flier once its gone through the graphic design process.

ANYWAY, its now time to pass the fuck out.

goodnite sweet blog.


Love X War Round II

SO here's my second attempt at this current project. My client had a few changes to the original but since i didnt like the original at all i decided to go ahead and re-do the whole thing.

i've learned that i kinda suck at following directions...i didnt Eeeeexactly make all the eeexact changes he requested but i tried.

this project has been a strain on me because i havent been having a "good drawing week"

any artists out there know what i'm talking about...some weeks you just cant draw anything good. that was my week.

you can still tell by the above image.

my foreshortening is for shit.

WHATEVER i'm just being negative cuz i've been awake for forever.

i hope he likes this rendition.

anyway, i'm gonna drink some tequila and watch the new episode of "Drag Race."


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love X War

The above image is still very much in progress. its supposed to be for a flier for an upcoming party here in atlanta. i've been working on it for ENTIRELY too long and i think i've hit a block. the drawing is alright and all but its definitely not where it needs to be.

i dunno. i'm having alot of wacky personal issues and its just been a process.

Anyway, i could go on for hours but i wont...i'll just say that i wanted to update this cuz its been a while and i'll update again once i've redone the whole thing.

i'm also torn because i havent heard back from my client in a while so i dont know how he feels about the progress.

but thats neither here nor there. in the meantime, its back to the drawing board--LITERALLY.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Gaga 2

Featuring a vector recreation of a John Paul Gaultier knock off of a Theirry Mugler design!

After her interview on Oprah today (yes...i watched Oprah, but i swear its not a regular thing!) i decided to finish this.

it took a while because, well, i get tired of working in vector and when that happens, by brain shuts down and i can no longer think in that very specific way illustrator requires one to think in.

and also i didnt really know how i wanted to finish it off...

anyway! here's the final result.

i'm pretty happy with it.

More to come!


Special Edition VMA Little Gaga!

Now with sequin slouchy boots, an extra blood squibb, a cheesey award show photograph AND her very own moon man!

Get yours today!

while supplies last.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So,in cleaning up my hard-drive in preparation for my upcoming move, i came across a book that i made for an indesign class a while ago...

i know i've posted some of the final illustrations here, but i then realized that i hadnt actually posted the book. SO here goes.

What follows is a choppy overly edited tale of self realization and symbolism. done in an attempt to understand Tempest a little better and shed some light on his relationship with Reginald Q. Manticore.

read it if you like...hope you enjoy it to some extent.

Now, i present to you, Advice From The Manticore

And just a reminder, All artwork, Design, words, story, IMAGINATION SUPER me, DAX!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Comp Card!

Nothing really to report; on a whim, i just compiled my previous three Zero Gravity Boy pin-ups. it really motivates me to keep going with more. seeing them all lined up together shows me that they work as a series and even though i'm not IN LOVE with them individually (because i'm over critical) i do like the way they look together.

my desktop is sooo colorful right now.

anyway. more coming soon.

i might even post my sketches soon.