Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So,in cleaning up my hard-drive in preparation for my upcoming move, i came across a book that i made for an indesign class a while ago...

i know i've posted some of the final illustrations here, but i then realized that i hadnt actually posted the book. SO here goes.

What follows is a choppy overly edited tale of self realization and symbolism. done in an attempt to understand Tempest a little better and shed some light on his relationship with Reginald Q. Manticore.

read it if you like...hope you enjoy it to some extent.

Now, i present to you, Advice From The Manticore

And just a reminder, All artwork, Design, words, story, IMAGINATION SUPER HIGHWAY...by me, DAX!



  1. 如果你批評他人。你就沒有時間付出愛.........................

  2. wow. thanks, i think. i wish i could read whatever language that was written in!

    Thanks for the comments though!