Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zero Gravity Boy # 3: Unagi Tempura

Zero Gravity Boy #3: Unagi Tempura.

Theres not really much backstory to him except that i used this character for a project at SCAD Yeeears ago...other than that, i just wanted to draw a slutty cat boy.

In other news:
This weekend has been hell. i'm scared of its consequences--even more scared of having to pay for them for the next year or so of my life.

details details details...

anyway, ENJOY!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Season's Beatings...

The Villians of Christmas:

Satan's Little Drummer Boy

Mom and Dad thought it was a good idea to give Damien a drum for christmas. "we'll encourage his artistic side!" mom cheerfully exclaimed as she pulled a piece of scotch tape. "Maybe he'll become rich and famous? and take care of us in his old age!" Dad enthused with his pipe. Damien took to the drum like a fish to water. He banged away at it all day and all night....The racket was unbearable.

Soon, he stopped sleeping. Soon, he stopped eating. Soon, he stopped blinking.

by the time they called the priest, it was too late.

Adolf, The Hateful Reindeer

Adolf was never like the other reindeer. All year long the others would run and train and jump and play their incipient little reindeer games all hoping and waiting and biding there time for the fat man to make his selection.

"oh i hope he chooses me this year!" one deer said as the line-up of candidates settled.

"no! he'll choose me! i'm ever so fast!" the one down the line chimed in.

Adolf bit his tounge.

The large red man waddled his way along the path, sizing up one deer after another. When he was in just the right spot, Adolf signaled his followers. what followed was a flurry of blood and polyester fur that soon littered the fresh snow.

After a rousing speech, some of the deer followed, others lagged behind out of confusion.

The now crippled man lay in the damp red snow, gasping for air beneath his beard.

Adolf promised the wolves could have the remains.


As a side note, i meant to post this on christmas..i just forgot. The "Villians of Christmas" is a series that i've been thinking about for a while. for the past two years i've drawn a sort of trading card for what i call "the Villians of Christmas"...essentially anti-x-mas cards. I had originally meant to finish a good six or so cards for this year and print them out and give them to people...thaaat never happened. i always get lazy or depressed around holidays so its especially difficult for me to crank out holiday inspired work. Anyway, I hope you like the VILLIANS OF CHRISTMAS--but mostly, i hope your holidays were nice.

honestly, i'm just glad they're over and now i have the rest of the year to not think about them.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zero Gravity Boy #2: Thaelo

Meet Thaelo, he's blue...other than that, i dont know much more about him.

i feel that every campy sci-fi romp needs a sexy alien who simply does not comprehend "human emotions"...

originally, he had a much more complex costume, but it really didnt lend itself to such bendy poses. i'm pretty happy with the results--even if i did go alittle lens flare crazy...haha lens flares.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paper Doll Gangsta...

So honestly, it took me a while to hop on the bandwagon as i'm not really a bandwagon kind of person.

but eventually, after the goading of MANY friends and being forced to hear her albums in cars and in bars and on tv...then finally after a friend gave me a burned disk of ALL of her music...i am officially a fan.

of course, it didnt really stick until the VMA performance when, at the end, she hung there suspended above the stage with a glob of fake blood in her eye and didnt flinch. i know what that feels like--that shit burns...

after seeing that and (of course) the "Bad Romance" video, i was hooked.

I love McQueen and latex. Also, i have the boots she wore with the blind hooded catsuit--only mine are black-- and i know how painful they are and also how hard they are to dance in.

As a pesuedo-latex model myself, i am well aware that the lube used to shine latex often runs down the wearer's legs and onto the floor, making walking in eight inch heels a dangerous undertaking. after all that, i became PRO-gaga.

i noticed myself doodling little fashion sketches of her in various looks i'd seen her in while i was at work wasting time...and i thought to myself: "SELF! this would look great in vector!" aaand self was right.

i wanted to make little fashion vector dress up dolls and i have.

theres a series of them in the works.

If i were better at flash, id either make an animated music video OR a clickable flash game where the player could dress her up however they saw fit.

buuut i suck at flash and animation takes way too long.

ANYWAY. i'l off to bed now.

Goodnite sweet blog.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zero Gravity Boy #1!!


So, a friend of mine is starting up an "erotic" art site and asked me to contribute. and since its not really genre i have much experience in, i figured i'd start with what i know...IE:

*Flash Gordon
*The Fifth Element
*Gay stuff

and thats how the Zero Gravity Boy was born!

stay tuned for more pin ups and the beginnings of the comic that may or maynot be key to my downfall!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

its been a while part 2-7.5

Wow...yeeeah this is going to be another one of those entries that begins with "its been a while."

Lame, i know, but it has been.

i'm so bad at keeping up with this because m original idea was that this blog would be a process book for my graphic novel.

and whereas that will still be the case, i havent really kept up much progress with the whole process thing.

i suck at that. Truth be told, i havent drawn anything in about three weeks...with the exception of a very sporadic doodle page at work this morning. I've just been in one of those rare funks where i see everything as useless and no point in doing much other than sleeping.

aside from my crappy day job, things have pretty much come to a hault and my only real extra-curricular has been the sims 3.

...which, as expected, has consumed me.

on the plus side, i feel the curtian of reoccuring depression kindof lifting and i'm getting itching to draw again....dont know what...or when...but it'll happen soon.

stay tuned.