Thursday, December 3, 2009

its been a while part 2-7.5

Wow...yeeeah this is going to be another one of those entries that begins with "its been a while."

Lame, i know, but it has been.

i'm so bad at keeping up with this because m original idea was that this blog would be a process book for my graphic novel.

and whereas that will still be the case, i havent really kept up much progress with the whole process thing.

i suck at that. Truth be told, i havent drawn anything in about three weeks...with the exception of a very sporadic doodle page at work this morning. I've just been in one of those rare funks where i see everything as useless and no point in doing much other than sleeping.

aside from my crappy day job, things have pretty much come to a hault and my only real extra-curricular has been the sims 3.

...which, as expected, has consumed me.

on the plus side, i feel the curtian of reoccuring depression kindof lifting and i'm getting itching to draw again....dont know what...or when...but it'll happen soon.

stay tuned.


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