Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boys Night Out.

So, for the first time in a long time, i spent the night at home drawing.


i was actually working on location/background sketches and just kinda started doodling this. before i knew was 4 am and i was deeply entranced by hatching.

the above image is a result.

essentially the idea behind it was going to be a bar fight. A bar fight involving Zaus and an unseen combatant with the rest of the group holding him back...all the while knowing that if zaus' ape-like strength ever got the better of him, they'd all be screwed.

i'm actually pretty proud of this one and DEFINITELY plan on cleaning it up and coloring it...maybe even expanding on the idea and ACTUALLY drawing a full scene.

but, lets not count our crosses before they're hatched.



Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sound and Fury Signifying Bunny...

So, let me begin by saying that i'm VERY sorry for not updating in sooo very long.

I'd say that i've been busy, but in truth...i havent been thaaat busy.

i've just been in one of my moods where i just dont draw.

things have been emotionally shakey for me here. its a very long story that i wont get into because to sum things up: "nothing really happened".

Just the same ol' same ol' bullshit that sends me into a mental tail-spin and leaves me trying to find a new way to deal with the world around me.

i didnt actually feel better until i drew this.

...just one more thing reminding me that i should draw more often.

while drawing tempest looking as angry as i felt, i sat stewing in my own brainular bullshit when i realized how stupid i was being. granted, the realization didnt make me feel any less added the bunny ears.

it made sense at the time, and theres some symbolism involved that i'm not really going into.

BUT MOSTLY...its for easter.

so happy easter kids!

may zombie jeebus feast upon your brains!