Thursday, June 18, 2009

P.s. I Bite, its been A WHILE since my last post.

for that, i am sorry.

you may be wondering..."well, whats Dax been up to since his last post?"

The answer is simple, a lot of random things coupled with alot of random nothing. the past couple of months have been filled with me working, and modeling, and learning about film-making, and applying for a reality show, and traveling and getting sick and slowly getting better. But aside from that, from a more "creative" aspect, i've been over thinking pretty much everything.

I'm definitely NOT saying that i'm over my own characters and storyline. I love my Fluph boys and i love drawing them, writing about them, and developing them and all of my plans and dreams for the novel are still being developed into a coheisive story.

However, i have been working with these characters for a number of years and compressing what i already have into a coheisive story for the masses has proven to be difficult.

I'm currently taking a small "break" and taking the time to do something that i dont do very often. I've been offering my services to other artists through comissions/art requests via Deviant Art.

and even though i promised that this blog would be all Fluph all the time, Here are a few examples of what i've been doodling on:
The Story, "P.S. I Bite" is written by a girl i met on Deviant Art (...her DA site can be found at: ) She's a sixteen year old girl from the philippeans who's writing an ongoing story about a Vampire rock band. She reminded me alot of myself at that age, when, i myself wrote stories about my own characters as well. Also, i agreed to doing character designs for her because i needed something fresh to work on for a second, to HOPEFULLY re-charge my own brain.

Granted, i could have just made up my own new characters and gone that route...but i dunno, whenever i do that, i intend to use them, so i get way WAY too caught up in details and never get to the fucking point and cant just take it as any kind of exercise....i have a bad habit of getting way too involved.

So, i went this route.

ANYWAY i promise that i'll get back to fluph soon. i've got a few pages of the actual comic half-sketched. i'm gonna try to finish those up soon and get them up here.

also, i've got a few more of these character designs to whip Stay Tuned!