Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paper Doll Gangsta...

So honestly, it took me a while to hop on the bandwagon as i'm not really a bandwagon kind of person.

but eventually, after the goading of MANY friends and being forced to hear her albums in cars and in bars and on tv...then finally after a friend gave me a burned disk of ALL of her music...i am officially a fan.

of course, it didnt really stick until the VMA performance when, at the end, she hung there suspended above the stage with a glob of fake blood in her eye and didnt flinch. i know what that feels like--that shit burns...

after seeing that and (of course) the "Bad Romance" video, i was hooked.

I love McQueen and latex. Also, i have the boots she wore with the blind hooded catsuit--only mine are black-- and i know how painful they are and also how hard they are to dance in.

As a pesuedo-latex model myself, i am well aware that the lube used to shine latex often runs down the wearer's legs and onto the floor, making walking in eight inch heels a dangerous undertaking. after all that, i became PRO-gaga.

i noticed myself doodling little fashion sketches of her in various looks i'd seen her in while i was at work wasting time...and i thought to myself: "SELF! this would look great in vector!" aaand self was right.

i wanted to make little fashion vector dress up dolls and i have.

theres a series of them in the works.

If i were better at flash, id either make an animated music video OR a clickable flash game where the player could dress her up however they saw fit.

buuut i suck at flash and animation takes way too long.

ANYWAY. i'l off to bed now.

Goodnite sweet blog.


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