Friday, January 1, 2010

Comp Card!

Nothing really to report; on a whim, i just compiled my previous three Zero Gravity Boy pin-ups. it really motivates me to keep going with more. seeing them all lined up together shows me that they work as a series and even though i'm not IN LOVE with them individually (because i'm over critical) i do like the way they look together.

my desktop is sooo colorful right now.

anyway. more coming soon.

i might even post my sketches soon.



  1. Oh HI!! Following you, but not in the creepy stalker type of way.

  2. NICE!!!

    these came out great! are you actually getting them printed as cards? you should!

  3. haha hey guys! thanks for commenting! i just as soon assumed nobody actually looked at this blog.

    And yes, sebastian, i'm planning on printing them.

    and Isis, feel free to stalk me all you want!