Monday, February 8, 2010

Love X War Round II

SO here's my second attempt at this current project. My client had a few changes to the original but since i didnt like the original at all i decided to go ahead and re-do the whole thing.

i've learned that i kinda suck at following directions...i didnt Eeeeexactly make all the eeexact changes he requested but i tried.

this project has been a strain on me because i havent been having a "good drawing week"

any artists out there know what i'm talking about...some weeks you just cant draw anything good. that was my week.

you can still tell by the above image.

my foreshortening is for shit.

WHATEVER i'm just being negative cuz i've been awake for forever.

i hope he likes this rendition.

anyway, i'm gonna drink some tequila and watch the new episode of "Drag Race."


1 comment:

  1. if you really have to make her topless why don't you give her swasticas over her nipples? and give her like a sort of waist corset. pretty much keeping the costume the same just with the swastica pasties.

    but yes your costume is better.