Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who's That Girl?

This is Pumonika. She's not the only female in the series, but she is the one that shows up the most often.

Pumonika and i have a bit of history. She's one of my oldest characters. I've been drawing her in sketchbooks and comics since i was in highschool. I know its kindof lame to keep using a character for that long and the ones you make up while in highschool are usually pretty lacking in substance. Pumonika is no different.

she's materialistic and abrasive. she's very fickle and very demanding. Essentially she's me in girl form...yeah, mothers, dont let your kids grow up to be online role players...

(the drawing to the left is actually my first character design page of Pumonika from 1999)

I added her to Fluph because there wasnt enough estrogen in the mix...i needed the guys to have at least one girl to interact with on a regular basis...you know..so they could at least meet a girl.

that and i love drawing her. I definitely needed an excuse to incorporate alittle more fashion into the storyline....granted, its trashy "Rock of Love 2: Tour Bus" inspired all the way down until her shoes, then its pure me.

And yes, i totally used the girls from "rock of love" with brett michaels as inspiration for pumonika's new look. I wanted a very trashy cock-teasing rock-slut kindof look.

not too femme, but not too butch.

Anyway...thats pumonika. And now you know!

Stay Tuned Next Week! For the rise and fall of Joseph Hyde!


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