Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This aint no Planet of The Apes!

Meet Zaus...YES, he's a monkey....NO i'm NOT a furry.

he just so happens to be a monkey...and one of Tempest's best friends, as well as the drummer of the band and all around comedy relief.

He was developed as a means to an end...Here, let me explain.

my first "Fluph" comic, was actually the final project for intro to sequential art class in gawd, 2001...for the project, we were given various things that the comic had to include. among them was the sentance "a band plays a song" and with that the band was born. it gave me an excuse to make up a wacky mutant rock band... Zaus, was the bass player in the band. Because, lets face it, who plays bass better than a ska-loving monkey?

Over the years, the band evolved, the line up changed, new characters came in and out of the storyline as i tried to refine the formula into something interesting....yeah, its been a good seven-eight years for me to really refine things...but better late than never, right?

a couple days ago, i got the idea of doing a "history" of Fluph post to give a better idea of how the characters as well as my artistic style have evolved.

I guess this post is kind of the beginning of that. My original plan was to go through the affore-mentioned sketchbooks and scan in never before seen doodles and page layouts, and costume designs and just sort of dump them out. But i think i'll just start doing it alittle at a time. As the novel contains bits and pieces of scripts and stories that have never actually been finished. so i guess as i go along with finishing current pages, i'll include little pieces of the past that've inspired the current work.

make sense?...not really..? Good!

In going through my old sketchbooks, I've also been remembering alot of things from my past...good, bad, indifferent--still things.

Its made me very nostalgic, slightly depressed, and even happy. Though, no matter the sketchbook or time period in my life, One thing has remained constant, Fluph. They've been there for years, and hopefully for years to come.


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