Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fluphy Puffy Preview

I toldja it was coming.


I've got the logo finalized and will begin making banners and bumpers and crap to A) advertize this space more and B) DECORATE this space more.

this blank black blog blob (haha..alliteration is fun!) is totally aggravating me.

BUT IN THE MEANWHILE! i just finished this drawing of Tempest looking o so sassy, as per usual.

In case you were wondering--and even if you werent--Tempest is the main character of FLUPH aaand yes, essentially a representation of myself..or...a part of myself rather.

the snarky, occasionally angsty, disenchanted youth part of me...well, okay, theres more to him than that. its just how he comes off.

At any rate, i'm off again to continiue making crap...or perhaps even to go to bed. I was asleep earlier and couldnt stay that way, HENCE--yeah hence--i'm awake at 5:30 am.


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